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Princess - Sovereign

Princess Sovereign

Princess - Classic

Princess Classic

Sonnet -  Bliss

Sonnet Bliss

Sonnet - Pure

Sonnet Pure



Tube Rider

Tube Rider

Pathfinder - Tour

Pathfinder Tour

Pathfinder - Trail

Pathfinder Trail

Roadster - Sovereign

Roadster Sovereign

Roadster - Classic

Roadster Classic

Roadster 26 - Sovereign

Roadster 26 Sovereign

Roadster 26 - Classic

Roadster 26 Classic

Speed 5

Speed 5

Clubman - Urban

Clubman Urban

Clubman  - Country

Clubman Country



About our Bicycles

Every Pashley bicycle is unique from the moment it leaves our workshop here in Stratford-upon-Avon. Each one is hand-built to order by a team of dedicated and experienced craftsmen, who are committed to continuing the tradition of high-grade, skilled British manufacture. No matter what your needs, there is a Pashley bicycle to meet your lifestyle – everything from the relaxed sophistication of our classic town cycles to the sporty styling of our racer and touring models. Every one of our bicycles is the result of the combination of traditional design, hand-built quality and modern componentry that comes together to give an unparalleled riding experience. This, along with our heritage that stretches right back to 1926, gives these bicycles an inimitable elegance that has stood the test of time and a build quality that will give many years of riding pleasure. 

About our Bicycles