Customer Case Studies

We are the major supplier of bicycles to postal delivery services, such as Royal Mail, and to other government organizations including the Ministry of Defense and the National Health Service, but we also supply countless small business enterprises from delicatessens to ice cream parlours, florists to butchers, theatre companies to boat builders, and land agents to estate agents.

L’OCCITANE en ProvencePromotional Delibike

L’OCCITANE en Provence, the French natural beauty brand, proudly displays the iconic yellow Pashley Delibike in 10 of its boutiques across the UK. The bikes are displayed with a basket full of either fragrant Lavender or generous bunches of bright Immortelle flowers. It’s an eye-catching addition to the Provencal inspired surroundings of the boutiques.

Whether it’s proudly parked outside or it’s a permanent fixture in a widow display, the yellow Delibike attracts passers-by and has become synonymous with the brand! Also wheeled out on special occasions and new store launches, the L’Occitane Pashley Delibikes are well known and well loved by customers, store staff and head office alike.

Ideas Box

Harvey, the owner of Ideas Box, uses a fleet of our Classic No.33 tricycles to vend ice cream, chocolate, crepes, donuts, coffee and even Pimms! They offer a unique and innovative option for customers to add an extra dimension to their event, be it a wedding or festival.

The traditional Classic No.33 is always a crowd pleaser, and with Harvey’s added styling they really are a wonderful fleet of eye-catching vending tricycles. He combines modern, rechargeable vending equipment/freezers with the traditional design of the No.33, and with the portability and size of the tricycles, they allow him to trade from virtually any location.

Royal Mail

Royal Mail have used Pashley postal delivery bicycles for over 35 years, during which time the company supplied over 75,000 bicycles. The early bicycles were of Royal Mail’s own design and consisted of a “gents” and “ladies” frame, with single speed and rod operated brakes. These were subsequently improved to 3 speed gears with internal hub brakes.  Pashley worked with Royal Mail  to improve the durability of their original design, which resulted in the introduction of the “Millennium” model in 1997. Pashley had also anticipated the need for greater load carrying capability from its many business customers which culminated in the introduction of the “Pronto” model in 1998. This World-leading design made use of a unisex frame so that load could be safely carried in rear panniers, in addition to the front carrier.

In 1999 Royal Mail conducted a European wide competition for a new generation postal delivery bicycle and after extensive rig and user testing a variant of the Pashley “Pronto” model was selected. This was named the “MailStar” and it entered service in 2000. Pashley was the sole supplier of these bicycles and also provided tools and spare parts in support of the fleet operation.

Pret a Manger

Pret a Manger have a fleet of Pashley Couriers and Euroload Trailers to deliver sandwiches to hungry office workers in the city. They offer a delivery service for their natural, handmade food direct to your door for lunch.

The ability for the Courier - and its load of lunches - to be ridden with ease through city traffic jams and wheeled direct to the customer’s front door makes it a very versatile and efficient method for food delivery; using ‘pedal power’ also helps with reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Alex Briault - Handyman

Alex Briault is a well-known handyman based in Brighton's Fishing Quarter. He uses his Pashley Delibike, with branded nameplate, for travelling to handyman jobs around the town.

He's also built his own wooden tool box that he tows along on the Pashley Euroload Trailer; a very practical, eye-catching and environmentaly friendly form of trade transport.

Alex Briault Handyman, Brighton


Thorntons came to Pashley to help with a promotion launching a range of new chocolate bars. We hand-built 17 Couriers for them with front racks to support a box of promotional chocolate to be given away to the public.

Each cycle was painted in a colour to match their different chocolate bar branding, resulting in a very portable and attractive promotional activity.

FPS Distribution

FPS Distribution introduced custom Parabikes, in the company’s trademark mint green, as a perk available to their employees. Offered for use over lunchtime, it allows employees to enjoy the warmer weather, explore the local area and improve their fitness. They have received a fantastic reaction and have been regularly booked out since they were launched at the beginning of August 2014.