What can Carrier Cycles be used for?

Carrier Cycles have a wide variety of uses, typically where low cost, dependable, load carrying transport is required for tough day-in, day-out use. Such uses include...



Over the last 100 years, Carrier Cycles have been used by many business’ to deliver goods to customers – be it milk, post or pizza - and growing numbers in countries around the world continue to discover the economic and social benefits of doing so. In particular, many big logistic companies are discovering how ‘pedal power’ saves them time and money by incorporating cycles into the ‘last mile’ of a delivery in traffic clogged cities and towns.

  • Sandwiches and Pizzas
  • Flowers
  • Post
  • Wine
  • Bread
  • Meat


Vending product from a cycle is a unique and versatile solution to on-street retailing. As well as being an eye-catching platform from which to promote/attract customers and sell your wares, it is a cost-effective and highly-mobile means of doing so. And it’s not just ice-cream that is sold from our carrier cycles. They can be modified to accommodate a variety of products. Our customers use Pashley Carrier Cycles to sell a wide variety of product including….

  • Ice-cream
  • Chocolate, confectionary and Popcorn
  • Cold drinks & Cocktails
  • Waffles and pancakes
  • Hot drinks, including coffee, tea and soup
  • Distribution of magazines and newspapers


Pashley Carrier Cycles provide a portable, eye-catching, and highly effective option for promoting your brand, business, event or store. We are able to custom colour match our cycle frames to your company's colours, and add name plates for advertising if required. Our customers have used Carrier Cycles for:

  • Food market testing and product launches
  • Advertising boards and displays
  • Tourism information platforms
  • Window and in-store displays
  • Branded company bicycle fleet

Site Transport

Work on a large site? Faced with restricted vehicle access? Pashley Carrier Cycles are used by organisations for site transport, both indoor and out, where putting employees on cycles can help save many productive hours that are wasted from the time used up by walking. Pashley Carrier cycles are used by companies to transport/ferry their employees and equipment around varying work places including…

  • Large factories & Warehouses
  • Timber mills & Land agents
  • Exhibition centres – e.g. NEC;
  • Towns and cities – e.g. gardeners and litter pickers
  • Airports & Automotive plants
  • Oil refineries & Power stations
  • M.O.D. Sites

Transport for Trade

Using a cycle as a means of transport allows you to start a business with a much lower investment cost and to continue to operate it at a considerably lower cost too. Small business’ and the self-employed use Pashley Carrier Cycles as a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to motor vehicles, transporting themselves and the tools of their trade from A to B. Pashley Carrier Cycles are used by…

  • Window cleaners
  • Electricians
  • Locksmiths
  • Repairmen
  • Carpenters
  • Gardeners
  • Musicians

Cycle Schemes

A greater number of towns and cities are discovering the social benefits of running bicycle hire schemes in urban areas. Encouraging commuters and tourists to travel by bicycle helps to free-up the roads, reducing traffic noise and congestion and improve the overall urban environment. It’s also great for the people hiring to experience the benefits of commuting by bicycle, or for getting around to see historic sites with fun and ease.

Towns and cities are currently using Pashley Carrier cycles for:

  • Public Bicycle hire in urban centres
  • Transport for cycle-scheme bike mechanics
  • Cycle loan to the unemployed to help them get back to work



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