Site Transport

Work on a large site? Faced with restricted vehicle access? Need to transport people, toolboxes, components or briefcases from A to B with minimum fuss and at a moment’s notice? Pashley Carrier Cycles are used by organisations for site transport, both indoor and out, where putting employees on cycles can help save many productive hours that are wasted from the time used up by walking.
They are the ideal choice for businesses  when loads need to be moved safely and securely around warehouses, factories, dockyards, airports or sites, and where combustion engines are prohibited, such as oil refineries.

Pashley Carrier cycles are used by companies to transport/ferry their employees and equipment around varying work places including…

  • Large factories and warehouses
  • Timber Mills
  • Land agents
  • Exhibition centres - e.g. NEC
  • Towns and cities - e.g. gardeners and litter pickers
  • Airports
  • Automotive plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Power Stations
  • M.O.D. Sites


Cycles for Site Transport:


Our most popular site bike is the Courier. The front carrier will take up to 20 kilos weight and, because it is attached securely to the frame, does not affect cycle handling when loaded. A simple plastic tray is available to fit in to the carrier allowing toolboxes, briefcases and packages to be safely and easily carried around the site. Its all-weather braking system, puncture resistant tyres and predictable handling also make it ideal for moving personnel from A to B.


If you prefer a step-thru’ frame, our Pronto will easily cope with the same tasks as the Courier. Fitted with front and rear carriers, the Pronto can carry up to 40 kilos and, importantly, the step-through frame allows for safe mounting and dismounting when loaded. The standard carriers are designed to accommodate a front tray and rear pannier bags (we can supply both). However, an optional design also allows the use of standard Euroboxes of 600x400mm size.


Pashley's newest Carrier Cycle, the P2, has been developed for the delivery industry to accommodate up to 50 kilos of load in lightweight lockable pods, but it is also equally suitable for use as site transport (with other load carrying options available). It features a unique rear tripod stand that allows for stable parking and loading, and a longer wheel base with smaller 24" wheels for a lower centre of gravity and improved handling.

Euroload Trailer

The Euroload Trailer is compatible with standard Euroboxes (including insulated and lockable designs) and will handle up to 60 kilos weight – but remember, the bicycle towing it must be capable not just of pulling the load, but also of stopping safely.  We always recommend the use of a properly designed and specified carrier cycle to tow a loaded trailer, and the Pronto and Courier are ideal for this use as simple ’tugs’, and can be fitted with a front carrier to increase load space too.


If you have large, bulky or heavy loads to move around your site then our ultra-stable Loadstar tricycle is a proven heavyweight mover, capable of carrying up to 200 kilos of load. The rear load platform has a hard wearing 760x720mm floor and a wire mesh cage can be supplied as an optional extra. N.B. Always be aware of any site restrictions that may limit access of this 1m wide trike.

Do you have a special requirement or a custom design in mind? If you have specific requirements that are not covered above, or would like to customise an existing design, please contact us on +44(0)1789 292 263 or email us at  to discuss the possible options. We have many years of experience and manufacture in the UK, so we can respond quickly to your requests (and we enjoy a challenge!).