Vending product from a cycle is a unique and versatile solution to on-street retailing. It is a low-investment and easy way to start a vending business – simply stock you cycle with wares (such as ice-creams), cycle to a location in your local town or at an event with good footfall, and you could turn over £400+ within a couple of hours of trading. As well as being an eye-catching platform from which to promote/attract customers and sell your wares, it is a cost-effective and highly-mobile means of doing so. And it’s not just ice-cream that is sold from our carrier cycles. They can be modified to accommodate a wide variety of products.

Our customers use Pashley Carrier Cycles to sell….

  • Ice-cream
  • Chocolate and confectionary
  • Popcorn
  • Cold drinks & cocktails
  • Waffles and pancakes
  • Hot drinks including coffee, tea and soup
  • Distribution of magazines and newspapers

Cycles for Vending:

Classic No.33

Our Classic No.33 chassis is instantly recognisable as the traditional ‘Stop Me and Buy One’ ice cream vending tricycle, and always pulls in crowds of eager customers, especially when adorned with a jolly sun parasol!  A true classic, the No. 33 is built to our traditional design and although most popularly used for ice-cream vending, it can also accommodate many other products including soft drinks, coffee and popcorn. The front load platform is capable of taking a freezer (which we can supply) or other storage unit. This chassis was originally designed for use in the days of less hectic lifestyles and empty roads – definitely not one for long distance riding, but is an eye-catching tricycle that is mobile enough to venture around venues and city centres at a leisurely pace.


Our ultra-stable Loadstar tricycle is also capable of carrying a freezer for vending, as well as cool boxes and other storage, and is a more conventionally designed tricycle with storage mounted between the two rear wheels. Although this model does not look as traditional as our Classic No.33, it is a proven heavyweight mover and is a little easier to pedal and manoeuvre; it may be the better choice if you need to travel some distance and over hiller terrain. 

Do you have a special requirement or a custom design in mind? If you have specific requirements that are not covered above, or would like to customise an existing design, please contact us on +44(0)1789 292 263 or email us at  to discuss the possible options. We have many years of experience and manufacture in the UK, so we can respond quickly to your requests (and we enjoy a challenge!).