What is a Carrier Cycle?

Why won’t just any bicycle do the job? Pashley Carrier Cycles (also known as cargo cycles, work bikes, delivery or utility bikes) are designed and built specifically for commercial and industrial use, to carry people and loads safely and efficiently throughout the working day.

Carrier Cycles are of a robust construction and are equipped to meet the demands that may be placed on them. Loads are securely retained, and the cycles are designed to have stable handling whether fully loaded or empty. They are comfortable to ride and have good stopping power in all weather conditions, and they do their job day in, day out, for many years of service.

Pashley has over 80 years of experience in the design and manufacture of Carrier Cycles. All cycles and trailers are made in the U.K. using tried and tested materials and manufacturing methods, together with carefully selected robust components. Our carrier cycles are designed as ‘fit for purpose’ and meet the many requirements of our customers.

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