Why use a Carrier Cycle?

When looking for load carrying transport, a company’s first port of call is often a motorised vehicle, when actually a Carrier Cycle is the solution they need. Pashley Carrier Cycles are faster than walking, greener than vans, simpler than electric carts, and lower cost than all other vehicles. There are many economic and social benefits to using ‘pedal power’ for your business….

The Economic Benefits...

  • Time and cost efficient in moving medium loads: People/employees either walk & carry a light load a short distance, or switch straight to a car or van to travel further or move a heavier load. A carrier cycle offers mid-way option: when loads and distances are ‘medium’ a cycle can be significantly cheaper than driving, and much faster than walking.

  • Versatile Load Capacity: Carrier Cycles are capable of carrying anything from 20 -200kg of load. Since the average payload transported in European cities weighs less than 100kg (220 lbs) and has a volume of less than 1m3 - and 40% of van deliveries involve only 1 box - a Carrier Cycle is a very capable alternative to provide this service.

  • Reliable journey times: Carrier Cycles are less affected by variable traffic conditions. They generally have no difficulty finding places to load or unload and can stop right outside a customer’s front door, which often isn’t possible with a car or van. Large logistic companies are now incorporating cycles in the Last mile or last link to complete deliveries.

  • Easier Access in urban areas: Cycles are able to enter the city 24 hours a day, while many European cities have strict time windows for loading and unloading of trucks and vans. 

  • Portability: For street or event vendors, cycling your product or franchise easily around public places, without the worry of parking, gives you much more flexibility in reaching your customer and making sales. Using you carrier cycle as a highly mobile promotional tool is also very effective in reaching a wider audience (a mobile advert!).

  • No licensing or taxing required: Lower costs (compared to vans and scooters) and no extra administrative tasks with applications.

  • Brand and Corporate distinction: Using a carrier cycle that can be customised to match you company colours and carry your logo, is a unique and environmentally friendly way to stand-out to your customer.

  • Comparative Speed to motor vehicles in urban areas: Carrier Cycles operating in built-up areas can be as fast as vans and trucks because they are less affected by traffic congestion, and they can often take shorter routes where vehicles cannot go (such as alleyways, bicycle and tow paths, and through parks). 

  • Lower initial outlay cost: The initial purchase of a Carrier Cycles makes it a considerably more cost effective option than a motorised vehicle, which is especially important for small start-ups and new enterprises.

  • Lower transport maintenance costs: Compared to cars, vans and scooters. Fuel and capital costs of a Carrier Cycle can be up to 98% cheaper per Km than the motorised alternatives. 

  • Saves on congestion charges and parking: No parking charges, fines, or congestion charges in cities.

The Social Benefits...
  1. Improved urban environments: Using a cycle instead of a motorised vehicle significantly reduces fumes and noise pollution.

  2. Eases congestion: Freight traffic represents a large proportion of total daytime road transport in cities, so switching to ‘pedal power’ where feasible helps everyone. 

  3. Better for our environment: The quantity of fuel and materials used in the manufacture, running, and recycling of a bicycle are much lower than those of a motorised vehicle (not to mention zero fumes output when in service).

  4. More space for people: Replacing motor vehicles with cycles means more pedestrian friendly, safer and liveable streets for everyone.

  5. Improved health & fitness: Carrier cycles offer a healthy alternative for people/employees and a ‘feel good factor’ that comes with increased fitness.

  6. Good corporate image: Helping reduce carbon emissions is not only good for the planet, but also a positive signal to your customers; using pedal power supports your company’s green credentials. 

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