Invitation to Tender

Pashley Cycles is the last of the historic UK bicycle manufacturers still manufacturing in the UK. It builds beautiful traditional consumer bicycles, bike share bikes - including the London “Boris” bikes - and also a range of cargo bikes.
As part of its ongoing investment in the business, it is looking to invest in wheel building, and is looking to install two wheel-building lines, with a capacity of 20,000 wheels a year, based on efficient small batch production (batch sizes 10-100 wheels as a norm).
It therefore invites tenders for the following equipment for each line:
  1. Lacing table
  2. Intelligent Single Lacer 
  3. Tightening Unit
  4. Trueing robot 
  5. Wheel truing test jig (one only)
  6. Appropriate handling and storage equipment
  1. Tenders need to be submitted by email to, by 22nd July 2019. 
  2. Any requests for clarification or further detail please email to
  3. Tenders are requested for the above, or tenders may be made for different configurations for equipment if considered appropriate, as long as the proposed specification is justified.
  4. Tenders should include costs of the equipment, delivery and commissioning and also an indication of power and air requirements.
  5. Tenders are invited from any parties with a track record of working in the respective areas listed, for either new or good quality second-hand equipment. 
  6. Any equipment must comply with appropriate health and safety, handling, operating environment and any other requirements. 
  7. It is intended that the equipment be installed in August 2019 and be fully functioning by September 2019.
  8. The tender will be assessed, and if awarded, the award will be based on:  
  • Track record of tenderer in working in relevant areas: 20% 
  • Ability to meet technical requirements with appropriate solutions: 20% 
  • Ability to meet tender timescales: 20% 
  • Financial strength of tenderer: 10% 
  • Sustainability credentials of supplier and proposal: 10% 
  • Price: 20% 
This project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund. 
4th July  2019


July 08 2019