Invitation to Tender

Pashley Cycles is a leader in the provision of high-quality bikes to the public hire bike market, already providing bikes to both the London and Edinburgh schemes. 
As part of its planned development of the next generation of hire bikes, it has been approved for grant funding from the ERDF. It therefore invites tenders for the following work: 
1. Design and prototyping of an intelligent bike lock and bike ID module 

a. A lock capable of locking into a standard docking solution 

b. A lock capable of locking remotely from a dock 

c. ID capability to identify which dock it is locked in 

d. Capability to interface with the bike controller 

e. Capable of working with power source from both manual and E-bikes 

2. Design and prototyping of a bike controller/interface 

a. Capable of being location tracked 

b. Ability to communicate through a standard messaging set with back office systems 

c. Ability to store data in case of network unavailability and then resend 

d. Appropriate on-board sensing capability including accelerometer 

e. Ability to communicate with other on-bike devices 

f. Capable of working with power source from both manual and E-bikes 

3. Design and prototyping of an Off-bike charging solution 

a. A solution for charging multiple E-bike batteries at same time (max 8) 

b. Metering to report level of charge 

c. Automatic cut off when charged 

4. Design and prototyping of an on-bike charging solution  

a. A solution for charging batteries whilst on E-bikes

b. To work at docked locations 

5. IP registration

a. IP registration for above developments 

  1. Tenders need to be submitted by email to, by 28th May 2019. 
  2. Any requests for clarification or further detail please email to 
  3. Tenders will be accepted for each project individually or for combined projects. Please make clear on the tender which elements are being tendered for. 
  4. Tenders should include all design and development costs, prototyping materials and costs, B samples, project management, lab and field testing, and certification and standards testing to any required standards and regulations. 
  5. Tenders are invited from any parties with a track record of working in the respective areas listed. Please evidence your track record when tendering. 
  6. Payment will be by staged payments against agreed project milestones. 
  7. Any products must be fully tested to applicable standards and apply with appropriate health and safety, handling, operating environment and any other requirements. 
  8. It is intended that work starts in June 2019, all development work is completed by December 2019, such that product is ready to take to market for April 2020. Please indicate development timescales. 
  9. All work will be done under an appropriate NDA with strict confidentiality to be observed. Any IP created under these projects will be the sole property of Pashley Holdings Ltd. 
  10. The tender will be assessed, and if awarded, the award will be based on:  
a. Track record of tenderer in working in relevant areas: 20% 
b. Ability to meet technical requirements with appropriate solutions: 20% 
c. Ability to meet tender timescales: 20% 
d. Financial strength of tenderer: 10% 
e. Sustainability credentials of supplier and proposal: 10% 
f. Price: 20% 
This project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund. 

May 13 2019