Our Team

We have great pride in what we do and this all comes from inside, from the people who work here and who spend their lives making sure we send out product we are proud of. From a small ‘front of house’ office team through to design and planning, and on to the essential manufacturing team, everyone at Pashley is dedicated to their jobs and dedicated to producing the very best quality products.

Some of the team have been with Pashley for over 40 years; some are recent school leavers who are working with us through an apprenticeship system, and whom we would hope that in 40 years’ time will be passing on their time served skills to the next generation. The final and very important element of our team are our valued customers; without their continuing support and feedback, Pashley could not continue to grow and evolve as Britain’s longest established bicycle manufacturer. 

Introducing some of the Pashley Team...

We have 51 dedicated employees whose talents make Pashley what it is. 41 are in production and design, who are busy developing and hand-building our cycles, and 10 are in the office looking after our customers and the day-to-day running of the company.

Role: Brazer 

Without a doubt the heart of Pashley lies in its manufacturing heritage, with the men and women who work in the factory hand-building our bicycles, tricycles and carrier cycles. Mark is one of our longest serving brazers, and like each of our frame builders, has a broad skill-set twinned with an acute eye for detail. Genuine craftsmanship flows into and through every frame they craft, from the delicate fine lines of our Aurora bicycle to the practical robustness required of the Pronto carrier cycle. 


Role: Assembler 

Derek has been with Pashley for 5 years, and it’s a family affair with his brother Phil and nephew Steven part of the Pashley production team too. Like all our assembly team, he assembles the frame and components with great attention to detail, adding those important finishing touches like ding-dong bells and hand-stitched leather grips. The final assembly of our cycles is mostly one craftsman to one cycle, and like Derek, they add their signature to the cycle’s ownership card guaranteeing their own work as well as the work of their fellow colleagues that have contributed to the creation of the final cycle.

Role: Export Manager

Dave plays a key part of our small front office team who work hard to ensure that there are as few barriers as possible between Pashley and our customers; being friendly and approachable has been part of the Pashley ethos from the very early days. We have very loyal customers who are at the heart of all that we do; as a product and design-led company, the feedback we receive is very important. Dave and the team love to hear from Pashley owners and to receive their letters, poems, and photos of them out and about on their bicycles, and they always endeavour to resolve any queries quickly and efficiently. Our office team may only be few in number, but we hope the dedication and passion shines through in their service and care for our customers and their cycles.

Role: Accounts Manager

Kathie is our cheerful and hardworking Accounts Manager who has been with Pashley for 20 years. She ensures the company runs smoothly and just as importantly that our suppliers and employees are paid on time. As Pashley remains privately owned as a family company and run by a small, experienced management and accounts team, it allows us to maintain close and longstanding relationships with suppliers, customers and dealers. All of our management team have the benefit of years of experience in the cycle industry, as well as many being passionate cyclists themselves, which provides them with valuable insight and vision into the needs of our customers.