Pashley craftsman wearing a welding mask whilst fabricating a bicycle frame, with bright welding arc in the foreground.

A loyal Workforce

38 employees with over 570 years of combined service to Pashley.

Experienced, highly skilled and dedicated to Pashley’s excellence in British design, innovation and manufacturing, meet the people that make it all happen!

At Pashley, we take great pride in what we do, and this all comes from inside, from the people who work here and who spend their working lives making sure we produce products to be proud of.

We are a loyal team, from the office through to design and planning, and on to manufacturing, everyone at Pashley is dedicated to their jobs and intent on producing the very best for our customers all over the world.

Some of the team have been with Pashley for over 40 years, while others are apprentice school leavers, whom we would hope that in 40 years’ time will be passing on their time-served skills to the next generation.