Three smiling cyclists riding on west midlands hire bikes, cycling alongside each other and towards the camera.

Pashley's micromobility products have been specifically designed for ease of use. The bike is simple to unlock via a mobile phone app and is ready to ride after a quick saddle height adjustment if needed.

When the rider has arrived at their destination docking station, they simply park the bike in a dock and push the fork lever to secure the lock. If there are no free docks available, the lock can still be activated when the bike is parked safely alongside the docking station.

How it works

1. Unlock

Unlock the bike using you mobile phone that interfaces with the bike's IOT 'booking brain'.

How it works

2. Saddle height

If needed, you can easily adjust the height of the bike's saddle using its quick-release saddle clamp.

How it works

3. Enjoy your ride

Enjoy your cycle ride to work, for fitness, or just for fun come rain or shine!

How it works

4. Dock

At the end of your journey, park up at your nearest docking station.

If there isn't a free dock, you can use the bike's propstand to park it safely alongside the docking station.

How it works

5. Lock

To end your ride, push the yellow lever to activate the lock. This will work with the bike parked both in or next to the docking station.

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