Video of Caz Nicklin, founder of Cyclechic Ltd, and her Pastel Blue. Caz is wearing a beautiful floral dress.

Caz and her Poppy

'I absolutely adore my Pashley'

    Caz, a London cycling blogger (London CycleChic), chats about her love affair with the Pashley Poppy in a video for Freewheelers...

    “It’s a Pashley Poppy so I call it Poppy; my old bike was bernie. It’s a vintage bike, my style is vintage, so we go hand-in-hand.

    The colour was a major draw. It’s a lovely pastel blue with the cream wheels. It is eye catching. The bike gets more compliments than me!

    It’s more of a leisurely ride, so it’s not kind of ‘racing down the streets in your lycra cycling shorts’. It’s a nice position to ride in. It’s more of an upright position, so you are not leant over the bike, so it’s more relaxed, more elegant, more ladylike.

    I fell in love with cycling because it is freeing, romantic and good exercise. Around the turn of the century a lot of women really enjoyed cycling and found that for the first time they could actually get themselves from a to b on their own without being chaperoned, so it was actually quite intrinsic to women’s independence.

    I absolutely adore my Pashley”

    View the video on Vimeo here >

    Many thanks to Freewheelers and babelgum for this video.