Inside the Pashley Cycles factory with bare bicycles frames racked and ready to be painted.

Covid-19 Update

Looking after the team’s wellbeing here at the factory, we are doing our best to keep the wheels turning.
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Dear Customer.

Please note that the Pashley factory has brought forward its annual Summer holiday and is now on an “early Spring holiday” shut down (from March 25th to March 31st). This shut down is then being extended to support the national plans to defeat the coronavirus, provisionally at this stage until Friday 17th April.

In order to support the essential nature of the cycling sector, some key members of staff will be available to support Serco in the operation of public hire bikes for London and Edinburgh and to ship spares and stock bicycles to retailers where possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience but we hope you will agree that this approach reflects a considered response to the challenges we are all facing.

We will wherever possible (and appropriate) be responding to emails through the contact details found on our website.

Please stay safe.

With best wishes.

Pashley Cycles

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