Olympic hurdler, Andrew Pozzi, wearing a Great Britain top, stand with a Pashley-Morgan 8 speed in front of a black roller door.

Pozzi visits Pashley

The World and European Champion Hurdler started his hurdling career a mere 600m from the Pashley factory.

It was an honour to have current World and European Champion Hurdler, Andrew Pozzi, in to visit the Pashley team in Stratford-upon-Avon today. Pozzi qualified for Team GB in the London 2012 Olympics but was disappointed by a hamstring injury forcing him to pull out of the 110m heats. He started his career at Stratford Athletic Club, a mere 600m from the Pashley factory.

We gave Pozzi a behind the scenes tour of the factory and he had some fun testing out some of our bicycles, including our Edinburgh Hire Bike, the Guv’nor, and our latest venture with Morgan - the ‘Pashley-Morgan 8’. 

Olympic hurdler, Andrwe Pozzi, pretending to hurdle a double-top tube black Guv'nor bicycle which has wooden mudguards.

Andrew Pozzi, in a white Great Britain top, astride a just eat branded Transport for London hire bike.