A young lady wearing an embroidered denim jacket standing next to her blue Pashley Poppy bicycle on a stone canal bridge.

Runners-up to our photo competition

We're giving away 10 runners-up prizes rather than five!

Due to the overwhelming amount of wonderful photos we received during the photo competition we decided to give away 10 runners-up prizes rather than five. Here are their fab photos...

A seflie photo of a group of Pashley Guv'nor Assembly riders cycling together next to a farm building.

Andy Schubert

A lady and gent with their Pashley bicycles outside the Rendezvous Cafe.

Gillian Rodgers

The happy couple riding a Pashley Phantom and Pashley Britannia bicycle on their wedding day.

Keith Ayling

Bike rider cornering at speed on his Pashley SPEED 5 bicycle on a country lane.

Bruce Mathieson

A female cyclist in a vintage floral dress riding her green Pashley princess which she has decorated with an embroidered basket liner.

Dion Sears

A Pashley Picabac tricycle with children and their mum all dressed in tweed.

Shane Rae

A silhouette of a lady under an umbrella next to her Pashley bicycle with a sunset in the background.

Veronica Greer

A coupe with their Pashley bicycles next to their VW campervan.

Svaiga Seliokaite