Kelly Brook with a Pashley Princess bicycle at the 2009 London Skyride.

The London Skyride Launch

Kelly Brook and Boris Johnson launch London's Skyride
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On Tuesday the 8th September, Boris Johnson launched the Mayor of London's Skyride with Kelly Brook (and the Pashley Princess). The event, to take place on September 20th, is expected to be the biggest ever mass participation cycling event held in the capital. Skyrides have been taking place in major cities around the UK, where the streets are closed to other traffic and cyclists take over. The Mayor of London's Skyride will give thousands of cyclists the chance to enjoy traffic-free city centre roads for the day, encouraging riders of all ages and abilities to get on their bikes with friends and family. It promises to be a great day out where people have the chance to meet members of the GB Cycling Team, experience live entertainment and take part in challenges. It's free and easy to get involved.

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