The Tweed Run 2010 poster with drawing of vintage gent and his bike plus photo of saville row gent and his Pashley Delibike.

Tip-Top Tailors & The Tweed Run

A jolly good day out!
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The London Tweed Run 2010 will be taking place this Saturday the 10th of April and amongst this years participants will be Paul from H Huntsman & Sons who will be jaunting along on his Pashley Deli-bicycle. Huntsman are Savile Row's most famous tailors. On Special occasions their Deli-bicycle is used to deliver suits and when it's not in use, it sits pride-of-place at the front of their shop, next to the famous leather sofa that the Duke of Windsor once fell asleep on.

The Pashley team will be travelling down from Stratford-upon-Avon for the run and are thoroughly looking forward to a jolly days riding with the other ladies and gents!