Special Editions

Pashley-Morgan - 3

Pashley-Morgan 3

Pashley-Morgan - 8

Pashley-Morgan 8

Pashley-Morgan - 110

Pashley-Morgan 110

About our Special Editions

Our ‘Special Edition’ cycles provide our small design team with the opportunity to break away from the everyday design challenges, to explore new ideas, and to revel in the creative process. The concepts sometimes prove quite a challenge for our production team, but they are rewarded with an opportunity to apply their craft to something a little different and share in the creation of something special. ‘Special Editions’ can include cycles which we have created to celebrate an event like our 80th birthday Limited Edition ‘Phantom’ bicycle or where we have been working closely with our partners to create something really unique such as our Country Living and Tweed Run bicycles. Or it may also simply be because we really like a concept and want to share it with you... The Guv’nor ‘Plus Four’ being a good example. There is no set formula for our ‘Special Editions’ so they may be a single unique item or perhaps a limited numbers run. A ‘ Special Edition’ that is particularly well received may eventually take its place within our core range of established models, just as our beloved ‘Britannia’ bicycle has done.

About our Special Editions