Green classic racing bike on factory floor.

Pashley-Morgan 10 now available!

The much-anticipated Pashley-Morgan '10' is now available!

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The Pashley-Morgan range, first launched in 2018, captured the imagination of customers from around the world. In early 2023, we joined forces again with Morgan to evolve the 3 & 8 – and have now introduced an exciting new sibling... the Pashley-Morgan 10!

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Porteur Rack

A unique tubular steel ‘Porteur' rack. Hand-made by Pashley, the design compliments the clean lines of the Pashley-Morgan bike, while enhancing utility.


Black front porteur bike rack

Brooks Saddle Stud

The Brooks Cambium saddle brings comfort right out of the box and features a unique brass ‘10’ saddle stud.

Brooks Cambium saddle with brass Pashley-Morgan stud


10 Speed Derailleur

A broad range 10 speed derailleur gear system allows you to keep pace on the flat but maintain momentum when the road points upward.

Clos-up of a 10 speed derailleur

Race Plate

The frame mounted race plate draws inspiration from Morgan’s racing heritage while proudly displaying the distinctive yellow ‘10’ roundel.

Close-up of yellow 10 race plate on the front of a bicycle frame


Disc Brakes

Hydraulic brakes ensure powerful and predictable deceleration on the descent.

Close-up of a front disc brake on a bicycle.