Young couple holding hands whilst cycling Pashley bicycles along a country lane in England.

Summer of Cycling

Encouraging others to share in the fun of cycling!
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'The Summer of Cycling is a national campaign running between March and October 2012 which aims to encourage more people to cycle. The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group and The Bicycle Association, alongside the force of 23 cycling organisations are aiming to double cycling this summer. It's about encouraging everyone with an interest in cycling to share the fun and introduce just one friend, neighbour, colleague or family member to cycling.

The Summer of Cycling brings together a whole host of organisations from charities, NGOs, industry manufacturers and retailers, as well as major UK cycling event organisers. It is very much a collaborative effort, with racing organisations being able to promote the Summer of Cycling just as easily as local cycle campaign groups or cyclists like yourself.'

Visit for more information on how to get involved!