A 2014 article from the Urban Cyclist magazine featuring the Pashley SPEED 5 path racer bicycle.

Urban Cyclist Review: Speed 5 is the "The Boss"

'It’s a charming bounder of a bicycle.'
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The Pashley Speed 5 is reviewed by Urban Cyclist this month as part of their 'Return of the Path Racer' article (on sale 18th of Dec). We are very honoured that it was selected as their overall favourite ride!....

"In the end, though, nothing could quite live up to the Pashley Speed 5. Forget CAD design, this is cad design. It’s a charming bounder of a bicycle. We suspected that it might be the one we coveted the most, and it is; what surprised us was that by the end of our test the Speed 5 was also clearly the bike we wanted to ride the most. It certainly isn’t perfect but it is our winner. It’s the Boss."

Urban Cyclist Magazine front cover issue 10 winter 2014.