Pashley Cycle's MD, Adrian Williams, standing next to West Midlands Mayor, Andy Street, in the Pashley Cycle Factory.

Mayor Opens New D&D Facility at Pashley

Andy Street, Mayor of West Midlands, opens new Design & Development facility at Pashley Cycles.
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Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands today opened a new Design Office & Development Workshop at Pashley Cycles, Stratford-upon-Avon. Andy was accompanied by Adam Tranter, Cycling and Walking Commissioner for the West Midlands and were given a tour of Pashley’s production facilities by Steven Bell, Pashley’s General Manager and Adrian Williams, Managing Director.

In recent years Pashley has invested heavily in new product design and development. This led to Pashley bicycles being commissioned for the London Santander bike-share scheme, in 2016, followed by Pashley’s patented bicycle -  with lock-dock solution - being selected for the West Midlands bike-share scheme which is currently being expanded across the region.

Earlier this year Pashley commenced production of its World-leading, award winning “ALECS” [Articulating Lightweight Electrically assisted Cargo Solution] zero-emission cargo vehicle, which is targeted at the rapidly growing last-mile delivery market. Orders have already been placed for the vehicle and trials are in advanced stages with several postal / cargo delivery carriers.

Pashley is also designing a new range of consumer bicycles for 2023 to meet the demand of its customers both at home and overseas.

Adrian Williams, M.D. of Pashley says: “Innovation and Design are essential if we are to sustain and grow our business and so it is only right that we should invest in new facilities and equipment. Having Design, Development and Manufacture under one roof allows us to respond to our customers in a timely manner, thereby giving us a competitive edge in the market.”

Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands says: “It is great to see Pashley’s investment in UK design and manufacture continuing, as it has done since it was first founded in Birmingham in 1926. As one of the few remaining manufacturers of bicycles in England, it has witnessed the popularity of cycling for transport and leisure purposes.” “The way we move around our cities is changing and so we’re already seeing much more final mile delivery solutions via cargo bikes. It was great to discuss Pashley’s response to this change and see first-hand an iconic brand in the region designing, innovating, and manufacturing mobility solutions that will help businesses decarbonise and improve efficiency.”

For further information, contact: Steven Bell, General Manager, Pashley Cycles: 01789 292263

Andy Street looking at e-trike in the Pashley factory with Steven Bell and Adam Tranter.

Steven Bell, Adam Tranter and Andy Street looking at the ALECS e-cargo trike chasis.

Andy Street looking at classic vending trike in the Pashley Factory. With Steven Bell and Adam Tranter.

Andy Street, Steven Bell and Adam Tranter with Pashley's Classic ice cream trike.

Andy Street and Adam Tranter standing with the ALECS e-trike in the Pashley Factory.

Andy Street and Adam Tranter with the ALECS e-cargo trike.