A colourful 'sunshine' created using tubes of Pashley paint colours.

Choose your colour!

Custom colour options are now available for our Briton and Britannia bicycles.
After many customer requests, we are excited to start offering a 'custom colour' choice for the Briton and Britannia bicycles. For an additional cost, our painters can custom spray these bicycles in colours selected from our 'pashley palette' for these models!

We hope, in the future, to be able to provide more custom colour choices for our cycles. If there is a cycle you would like in a particular colour from our palette, please do let us know and we will see what we can do!

Each Pashley cycle is made with the utmost care and attention and we wish for you to be truly excited about owning your Pashley. If you have any ideas on how we can help make your Pashley more personal to you, we would love to hear them. Contact us >